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About Us

Michael & Tammie Dusoe

The universe has a way of guiding us to what we need long before we understand or know what that is. We had both been working for a large healthcare company for the past 11 years. Our sights were on the fact that we may be there to retirement. Well…it just did not work out that way. We decided to take a leap of faith and start our own outpatient program, our own little corner of helping people find their new of way living. “The Hippie Hut” is what people called it. Our little building where we saw so many lives change. “Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason.” Just a couple of hippies wanting to provide quality care. The beauty and blessing of doing what you love, and the passion arises from how hard you work to make it happen. Never giving up or bending to the needs of the corporate world. We absolutely love what we do. Honored and humbled to be able to pass it down to the next generation.

The universe has a way of guiding us to what we need long before we understand or know what that is

Over 10 years ago, Dylan decided that his way of living was no longer working. The disease of addiction is progressive. At 23 years old it had progressed in his life to the point of being hospitalized for 30 days before going to residential treatment. It was a great place to start. After treatment, Dylan went back to school to obtain his license as a Substance Use Disorder Counselor. He is currently pursuing his master’s in social work at the University of Utah. Dylan believes treatment from both chemical dependency and/or mental health is crucial for someone to find meaning and purpose in their life. When an individual finds themselves at A/D Psychotherapy he wants them to know that they are cared for and not just a number. Treatment is necessary for a lot of people, but that is only the start of the journey.

Dylan Dusoe

Dylan Dusoe



Dylan Dusoe



Michael E. Dusoe


Co-Owner, Founder

Tammie L. Bendixen-Dusoe


Program Director

Zoe Robbins


Medical Director

Stephanie Noble


IOP Director

Bernadette Smith

Bernadette Smith



Cori Bendixen

Billing Director