September 19, 2018

About Us

Our Story

The universe has a way of guiding us to what we need long before we understand or know what that is.

We had both been working for a large healthcare company for the past 11 years. Our sights were on the fact that we may be there to retirement. Well…it just did not work out that way.

We ventured out on our own. Writing outpatient programs for other provider organizations. Then, they let us go due to funding. We looked at renting a small space to call our own. One group room with two office that we shared. Each day working to secure our own little space in the treatment world.

We were living in Sandy now and would drive by this building on 700 east and say, “That would make a great outpatient program.” With our sights on our own abilities we kept dreaming that someday we would be able to make it happen.

Each night before bed Michael would try and make this crazy laundry shot with his wash cloth while laying down in the bed. This shot needs to be set up to understand how difficult the toss was.   The cloth need to be hard enough to reach the hamper in the bathroom, passing underneath a one foot wide beam which aligned to the top of the bathroom door frame, go between vanity and the wall and the door into  a standing hamper. Most often, the cloth would just open up and drop to the floor before reaching its target. Michael would say each time, “Our lives are going to change when I make that shot.”

Over a year of making these shots…..well we finally scored. This was in September of 1998.  

The universe saw its way to us and we took a risk. We drove by that building and on that very day after the magnificent shot, there was a FOR SALE sign on the building. We looked at each other and said, “Why not, let’s go talk to them.” They were an older couple and Mike asked me to talk to them first. I believe his exact words were, “You are a lot nicer than I am; you go talk with them.”

Four weeks later we were able to obtain an SBA loan and here we are 20 plus years later.

Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason.” Just a couple of hippies wanting to provide quality care. The beauty and blessing of doing what you love and the passion arises from how hard you work to make it happen.  Never giving up or bending to the needs of the corporate world. We decided to make it work and feel so blessed to be here. Through hard work and passion we came to understand that obstacles are the universe’s way of showing you what you are capable of and never giving up on your dreams.

~ Michael & Tammie Dusoe